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Custom design ornaments

Beside our standard offer, we specialize in Custom Designed Ornaments, meaning ornaments created accordingly to our Customer's design made in limited collection series. We are capable of making an ornament that will precisely reflect and be an accurate miniature of the chosen object.

Let me take you through all the standard procedure that takes place when making a Custom Designed Ornament:


It all starts with you sending us the project - your idea of the ornament's design - it can be a picture, a photograph, it can be a drawing, or it could simply be a thorough description of what you have in mind.

Based on that we will prepare the first ornament's mold and send you the picture of it for your acceptance.

This first mold - it is just a draft to check if we are going in the right direction. Therefore it is always made out of plasticine so that it is easy to make any eventual adjustments according to the your suggestions.

Then the proper mold is made, it takes - depending on the complexity of the future ornament - from two to four weeks for the mold to be developed.

The next step is preparing a number of decoration versions of the ornament and, obviously, sending the pictures of them to you - this way it is usually easier for our customers to make the right decision about the final outlook of the ornament.

And that’s it - at this moment we are ready to start the full production process.

As you can see, it is an easy and uncomplicated process that leads you to having an ornament reflecting exectly what you want.

Below you can find a few examples of the Custom Designed Ornaments previously done by us:

Serce i Rozum



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