Exquisite Glass Christmas Ornaments!

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  1. To place your order in our shop:

– add an item/items to the basket

– fill in the order form accurately

– accept the terms and conditions

– choose a suitable payment method and proceed with payment.

  1. You do not need to register in our shop to place your order. However, we recommend registration, which can be done at anytime by choosing the registration bookmark at the top of the site. It is also possible to register during the placement of your order. We will create your personal account,  where you will be able to check the delivery status of your order, you will also avoid having to re-enter your information after completing the form during your first visit. You will be able to edit or delete your profile (if you wish to delete your profile please contact us via e-mail).
  2. Placing an order and accepting it for completion will be confirmed by automatic return e-mail – make sure your e-mail address is correct.
  3. The prices in the shop are gross prices (23% VAT included).
  4. The shop reserves the right to refuse to complete an order with an incorrectly completed or suspicious personal form.
  5. Orders can be placed 24 / 7. 



  1. You can pay for your order:

– by credit card via przelewy24.pl

– by quick and safe PayPal™ system. After sending your order please use “PayPal – Click here to pay" (having a PayPal account is necessary)

– by tranfer to a bank account (you can pay in PLN or EUR).

Total value is shown in “Total".


Order Completion

  1. Time of completion of your order consists of:

– time of preparing the package

– delivery time (depending on the courier).

– order completion is carried out during working days:

– orders paid online – within 48 hours

– orders paid by money transfer – when the money is credited to the shop’s account.

  1. NOTE: orders with personalized ornaments are completed within 7 worinkg days.
  2. Status of order can be viewed after logging in:

– pending: the order is placed and is waiting for confirmation

– processing: the order was accepted and confirmed

– awaiting: the order is received and awaiting for payment

– sent: the order is sent

– sent back: the payment for the order is sent back

– cancelled.

  1. Status changes are automatically sent to the e-mail address given in the order form.
  2. We send the ornaments via courier service or any other courier indicated by the customer. The cost of shipping depends on the weight/amount of the ordered ornaments. The cost of shipment is automatically counted on the basis of ordered ornaments and is
    shown during placing your order. The valid price list of shipping can be viewed on the shippingbookmark.
  3. We can issue a VAT invoice. Please thick “I want to receive an invoice" box and provide your VAT Registration Number on the form.


Complaints and Returns

  1. All our ornaments are unique, they are hand–made and hand–painted by artisans.
  2. The ornaments are safely and carefully packed in protective wool and carton boxes.
  3. The customer can return the undamaged product within 14 days from the day of purchase. In the event that the product is returned the buyer covers the costs of delivery.


Personal Data Protection

  1. We only store personal information provided by the customer, which is absolutely necessary for realization of orders from our Internet Shop (according to Polish law Dz. U. 1997 No. 133 item 883). The information we collect is used only for the purpose
    of processing the customers orders and providing newsletters to assist in giving the customer the best possible service.
  2. If you have questions about any aspect of our data protection policy, please contact us on sales@luxorna.com



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